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Butterfly Pop up Flower Bouquet 3D Pop up Card for Birthday


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Our pop-up bouquets feature a cluster of colorful butterflies and spring flowers. The monarch butterfly has bright orange and black wings, along with the striking blue Morpho butterfly, and is accompanied by a variety of other butterfly species in yellow, blue and purple. They perch on daisies emerging from the tops of pots in blue, green. Daisies, greenery and various butterflies adorn the exhibit.
This design embodies the feeling of spring and summer, beauty and the outdoors. It's the perfect centerpiece for a special event, family table, or just because. Give your special someone a butterfly bouquet to brighten their day.
Pop-up bouquet cards include a pop-up bouquet, a small note card for your personal information, and a matching envelope.
Size: 13 * 11 inches
Weight: 153.9g